Situated in a quiet suburb of Barcelona, a 10-minute walk from Maragall Metro Station. It offers panoramic city views from its rooftop terrace.

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Barcelona is a stunning seaside city that flaunts her beauty and sunny lifestyle. Gorgeous scenery, breathtaking architecture, and superb cultural attractions make for an alluring destination.


Cubez hostel is located at the perfect spot in Barcelona, nearest to almost all tourist attractions. Our rooms provide our customers with a view to freshen their minds and evening. During your stay at Cubez Hostel, you can enjoy almost everything any holidaymaker would desire. Easy access, attractive beaches and surrounding mountains, a buzzing nightlife, tasty local cuisine and it’s steeped in culture and history.


Barcelona has a tourist friendly weather. Our temperature stays lower and is comparatively enjoyable. We get the most customers during mid summer and even in winters the temperature is enjoyable and bearable. A vacation in barcelona at our hostel is something you would never regret!

Food & Snack

Cubez provides you with snack bar at the hostel where you can get all your favourite snacks. It also offers a shared kitchen that you can use to prepare your meals.

Bars and Nightlife

What is a better way to spend a vacation other than exploring the city at night? Barcelona will give you the most magical nights of your life. We hope your stay at Cubez would be pleasurable and satisfying if you avail all the facilities that we offer!


It is a trend to buy different objects and souvenirs from the places one travel. In Barcelona, you would find many objects that would catch your interest. We at Cubez, can guide you in whatever assistance you may need to increase your collections and shopping range. We offer you the best of objects at very low prices!

24/7 Health & Security

At Cubez we provide our customers with first aid and basic health care facilities in times of emergencies. We have the best nearby medical services. We believe that in health and prosperity can a person spend the best, happy and enjoyable time!


Bacelona is famous for its sports and recreational activities. Barcelona offers you with the best of sports and activities. There are various types of sports that are played at all times such as football, bowling, bullfighting, cycling etc. We hope to give you the best of entertainment!

Concert Shows

The nightlife at Barcelona is very active. In Barcelona, concerts and events are organized every single minute for the entertainment of our tourists and customers. We hope you enjoy your stay at Cubez with the best of wishes and efforts!


In case of any query, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will get back to you as our first priority.